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The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club

The Gopher Flats Sportsmen’s Club, GFSC, is a Shooting Sports group whose members enjoy both practice and organized competition on informal and friendly, carefully managed, private ranges.

Monthly Weekend Range Day: The Saturday of the fourth full weekend each month is a day of handgun and rifle practice, clay shoots, and a barbecue lunch at the clubhouse. Only members and their guests have access to the clubhouse and private club ranges.

Practical Shooting: On the fourth full weekend of each month, GFSC and the Southwest Pistol League, SWPL, hold Practical Shooting matches on the club rental ranges. Membership in the USPSA or SCSA isn't required and those new to Practical Shooting are welcome. Also, non-members are welcome to join club members on the rental ranges.

On the fourth Saturday, an SCSA Steel Challenge match is held on the club rental ranges. A selection of seven of the eight standard Steel Challenge stages are presented for centerfire and rimfire enthusiasts wielding handguns or pistol caliber carbines. Semiauto, revolver, lever, pump, and bolt actions are all welcome. Stages contain arrays of static steel plates shot from fixed shooting positions that test speed, speed, and speed. While manual actions are unlikely to set new stage records, all competitors are welcome to experience the exhilaration of ringing steel. Stage scores only count toward rankings for SCSA members.

On the fourth Sunday (the day following the Steel Challenge match), a USPSA Practical Shooting match is held on the club rental ranges. An ever-changing selection of seven stages of varying sizes and round counts challenge centerfire fans wielding handguns or pistol caliber carbines. Semiauto, revolver, lever, and pump actions are all welcome. Though, the manual actions are somewhat less likely to win the proverbial Cadillac. One stage always contains a USPSA classifier (to earn rankings) and the others are a mix of paper and steel targets, drawing, reloading, and movement. These varied stage designs test speed, accuracy, dexterity, and...cleverness. Classifier scores only count toward rankings for USPSA members.

Clay Sports: On the Sunday of the fourth full weekend each month, informal, but no less competitive, Trap and Skeet matches are held on the clay fields. Depending on Rangemaster availability, shotgunners may be active on one, or both fields. Only members and their guests have access to the Trap and Skeet fields.

Weekday Range Day
: Every Thursday, retirees, the idle rich, and anyone lucky enough to have a day off from work, enjoy informal Trap or Skeet shoots, handgun and pistol caliber carbine practice, and long-range rifle practice. Later in the day, daytime worker-bees and those who enjoy sleeping-in partake of evening practice and clay shoots. Only members and their guests have access to the private club ranges.

Monthly Matches At Other Ranges: Each month, Club members travel to other ranges hosting USPSA, IDPA, GSSF, SASS, IRC, Multi-gun, and High-Power Rifle competitions.

Quarterly Trap Match: Each Quarter, club members travel to various public and private ranges for a Trap Round Robin match with clay shooters from other clubs.



Gate Procedures

Always swipe your gate card at the readers, in-bound or out-bound, even if you are following someone or the gate happens to be open.

The Practical Shooting Division of the Gopher Flats Sportsmen's Club

Pestilence, Plagues, Pandemics


As the Pandemic recedes in the rear view mirror, we breathe a sigh of relief for the end of restrictions on gathering and masking. But, the virus is still continuously evolving and highly contagious. So, if you test positive for the virus, have symptoms, or just don't feel well, please:

  • Stay Home. Be considerate of your fellow club members and postpone your range day until you feel better.

Mosquitoes! West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, And Encephalitis
It's been a rainy season for the record books and everything is green again. But, not all the rain evaporated or soaked into the soil. The remaining pools and puddles are where mosquitoes breed. Because West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and Encephalitis have infected humans in LA County, Any Mosquitoes Should Be Considered Virus Carriers.