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Drive Slowly, Save A Life, Save SWPL

Please slow near the commercial yards at the start of the range access road. To prevent collisions with the large trucks and heavy equipment using the yard (crash! crunch! ouch!), All Traffic Must Slow To 10mph. Please, slow before entering the access road, deepen your breathing, steady your nerves for the match. Slow, Smooth, Calm.f The 10mph speed limit now applies to the range access road, too. So, mosey along parders and…Happy Trails To Youuuuuuu…

Range Paperwork

The range management requires SWPL to maintain a daily sign-in log in addition to the annual releases from everyone visiting the range. This will delay your start a bit, but think of the fun you’ll have after you trade your pen for your favorite gun. As all signatures must be legible, please practice your penmanship skills.

USPSA – Start Time, Fees, And Parking

Matches are on the Fourth Sunday of every month. As with any outdoor event, they can be canceled due to inclement weather. Always check here or the SWPL Facebook page for the latest information.


Start & End Times

Flexible Start Times ended in 2019, and SWPL has transistioned to online Pre-registration, squadding, and assigned start times. If you’re unable to pre-register or have problems with your online registration, speak with the Event Staff before 8:00 am. You’ll find them at the former registration area at the foot of the shooting bays.

The Shooters Meeting

Everyone must attend the 8:15am Shooters Meeting to shoot in the match. Arrive before 8:15am to complete the liability waiver and paperwork required by the range management.

Match Fees

If you are a member of one of the five clubs at our range, you are automatically a member of the Southwest Pistol League. You can also join SWPL directly for $25.00 per year. Not only are you entered in the SWPL Points Race, but you receive a discount of $5.00 at regular SWPL events.

  • $35.00 Members of SWPL and the Clubs at our range
  • $40.00 Non-Members (Join SWPL and save $5.00 at every match!)
  • $ TBD Re-entry for different Divisions
  • $ TBD Juniors (17 years of age or younger)


You are welcome to park within the gated range area, or in the overflow parking lot, just beyond. Please do not park along the road, as this will block access to the property beyond the Steel Challenge.

  • Please do not park in the property beyond the card key gate, at the end of the access road. Even when the gate is open, parking in this area is available only to the property owners.
  • Please do not drive over, or stand on, the cylindrical hay bales in the range area. These are for our lead abatement control program. Flattening them will drastically reduce their effectiveness and result in lead flow out of the range area.


There are separate restrooms for Men and Women, running water, a covered registration/dining area with electrical outlets, as well as shade on each stage.

Food & Beverages

Named in honor of “Uncle Mike” Agoncillo, SWPL’s long-time grill impresario, production of Uncle Mike’s Pork Skewers continues along with other delectable BBQ entrees. These are served throughout the day, along with icy cold Bottled Water, Gatorade, and Soft Drinks. Stop by for a between-stages snack, a belly filling lunch, or just to talk guns with your fellow competitors.